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Take Control of Your Money

Profit First Coaching and Bookkeeping 

Give Yourself a Raise!

Bookkeeping is more than juggling numbers and cooing over spreadsheets. You just need to make your money work for you. You’re making money. You’re hiring staff, making investments, paying your taxes, and doing all the right things.

But why is it all still a bit of a struggle?

Why aren’t you really getting ahead?

And why isn’t there more money in your own account?

Say "hello" to more money in your bank account!

Get Clarity with Your Numbers

Get clear with your numbers. We'll focus on your numbers so you can focus on what you do best!

Make Informed Decisions

Decisions are way more easier to make when you have clarity with your numbers.

Keep More Money

Start taking a profit today. Let's get you started with becoming intentional with your money.

Have Peace of Mind

It's time to say goodbye to stressful sleep knowing you are now on a great financial path.

Najma Khan Profit First Professional

Najma Khan

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As one of Australia’s first certified Profit First bookkeepers, I’m here to personally guide you down the path to financial success, boosted profits, and the freedom to choose what to do with your hard-earned money.

If you’ve been told by your accountant that your business is making a profit, but you’re not seeing much money in your bank account, it’s time to revisit your financial approach.

The Profit First system is designed to:-


Pay you for all your hard work (because that’s one of the reasons you started a business in the first place!)


  • Help you eliminate debt

  • Teach you healthy money habits that support your business practices

  • Provide long-term financial stability

  • Help you scale your business, and

  • Empower you to make solid financial decisions.

All that adds up to maximised profits, financial freedom for you, and the power to use all this for good.

Profit First: Transform your business into a

money-making machine.

We help you the business owner take control of your finances with the Profit First system.!

How we can serve you

Profit First Coaching

Profit First Coaching

Profit First Bookkeeping

Profit First Bookkeeping

Profit First Cash Flow Planning

Cash Flow & Profit Planning


“Why do we have so much money?”
Like, I never thought I would ask that question! I just looked at the accounts today as I am doing finance/admin and (excuse the French) but said WTF.... and I don't mean Wednesday, Thursday, Friday!

Thank you, Najma!”

Victoria Laurenzi - Matter Solutions

“I run a Massage business and I've been with Najma for just over 6 months now. She has by far has been more helpful than my accountant. So patient and taught me how to manage my accounts correctly. We've been using the Profit First system and wow I am so impressed. If you run your own business google Profit First or ask Najma! Thank you so much Najma, words cannot express how grateful I am that I accidently stumbled across you.” - Bridget Jones –

Mandurah Massage Therapist

“Over a couple of Zoom calls and emails, Najma was able to answer my queries about applying the Profit First cash management system in my business, as well as setting up my books on Xero and training me how to use Xero and implement PF within Xero. Thanks Najma!”

Sally Bruce – Marriage Celebrant

Profit First Bookkeeper Perth
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Taking Care of Your Profit

Would you like to take your business to the next level?


Our mission is to empower and help business owners realise their financial dreams.

Helping you the business owner achieve a business you will love ❤️❤️❤️

Download the first 2 chapters of the Revised & Expanded Version of Profit First.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
Registered BAS Agent
Quickbooks Online Certified Pro Advisor
XERO Certified Advisor an Bookkeeper
MYOB Certified Advisor and Bookkeeper
Australian Bookkeepers Network
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