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Certified Profit First Professional Perth

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We are Perth's first Certified Profit First Professionals and we can help you turn a PROFIT from your very next deposit!

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About Profit First

Profit First by Mie Michalowicz
Najma Khan Profit First Professional

Profit First is a simple system that enables any business to generate a profit from the very next deposit forward. There are many complex approaches to evaluating your financials. Profit First is an extremely simple method and will allow you to ensure profitability without the need to dig into your financial statements.  We will take care of the details behind the scene.


We are one of fewer than 100 firms globally that are Certified in Profit First.  What this means is that we not only have direct experience guiding clients to higher profits but that we additionally have access to the other accountants, bookkeepers and Profit First experts who have collectively addressed every type of profit challenge. Any profit question you face, we will have or find the answer.


We utilize the Profit First method of cash management ourselves. We use Profit First to constantly improve our financial health.  It goes without saying, you should always expect your bookkeeper to use the exact method that they employ with you, their client.


To receive our gift of the Profit First core chapters by Mike Michalowicz.


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Download the first 2 chapters of the Revised & Expanded Version of Profit First.

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