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6 Mobile Apps For Your Money Saving Goals

We all want to save money. But it can be hard to know where to start. While having a budget is key to saving money, it can be difficult to stick with. These 6 apps help you set goals and track your spending so that you're on the road to financial stability in no time.

Here's your chance to start saving money with the help of some free apps!


Pocketbook is a financial management app for individuals that was created by Mozo, and it's the 2018 Experts Choice Award winner. It allows Australians to have a 360-degree view of their finances by connecting several accounts from various banks in one place. The app will even allow you to plug in your credit card, superannuation and other investments.

Pocketbook makes use of the latest technology allowing you to set spending targets and get alerts when you're approaching your limits. It also calculates how much money is left after bills and savings goals have been met at the end of each month. The more information that's added into the app, the better it works for you, which is why this annual subscription is worth every cent! Visit the App Store or Google Play (it's free!)


WiseList is a unique money-saving program. A budget-friendly app that allows customers to create grocery lists and compare product prices from both Coles and Woolworths side by side - after all, one way to save money is to plan ahead of time (especially when it comes to shopping).

In the car, on the bus or on your way home from a busy day at work - create a list while you're out and about then compare prices when you get to the store. Once users have saved their first item, they'll be able to add all of their usual items without having to search for them again. WiseList is available for both iOS and Android.


The Frollo app is a fintech offering that allows users to link virtually anything from bank accounts and home loans to superannuation pools from over 100 financial firms in order to get a comprehensive financial picture in one location.

Frollo is also one of the first adopters of open banking, allowing them to provide near-real-time data to customers from participating banks. It also has a unique algorithm that determines how long it will take to pay off any debt and displays a timeline showing how the overall situation might alter over time.

This financial journal lets you list and categorize all of your purchases, then generate reports based on that data. You can also add in income from jobs or other sources for a complete overview of how much money is coming in and where it's going out. This app will help you keep an eye on your spending habits so that you'll be able to adjust when necessary. You may download it for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play.


Goodbudget is an app that claims to be a "budget tracker for the modern age," yet it works in the same way as a traditional envelope; saving strategy: you establish financial restrictions for specific categories of spending and are restricted to only spending what you have. For every dollar that you spend, two go into a savings bucket - one for your savings goal and the other to build up an emergency fund.

It presents all of your spending in cool-looking pie charts, and of course, it syncs to bank accounts & expense tracking. Export data to Microsoft Excel. View your spending by category - a proven method. Reports, such as an income vs spending report, are available. It's a paid app, but the free edition lets you use up to ten envelopes.


It's a new app that's gaining some momentum as one of the fastest-growing money apps in 2021. It's a "smart money app" that allows users to get a complete picture of their financial health by combining all of their financial accounts into one convenient location.

It allows you to set financial goals and even achieve them faster by tracking spending habits - which shows where most of your budget is going so you can make adjustments as necessary. You'll be able to access a variety of reports, too, such as expense ratios by category, Track their credit score, Create budgets within the app, Receive upcoming bill reminders, Connect with other users in the community to receive tips. They also offer Savings and transaction accounts, Credit cards and buy now, pay later, Home loans and personal loans, Share trading accounts And superannuation funds As well as tracking a person's net worth. It is also a free app to use.

Quit That!

If you have a money-wasting habit, like eating too much junk food or drinking excessively, you can keep track of how much money you spend on it in Quit That! and see how much money you save by quitting. It has a real-time counter that displays your success.

There are over 3,000 different habits to choose from, or you can add your own custom ones. You can also share your achievements with friends on social media. It has a "no money down" policy, meaning that you can create your account for free and it's completely ad-free on Apple’s App Store. If you want to unlock the full version, however, it will cost $4.99 to do so.

And that's a wrap!

You can use these 6 applications to establish goals and keep track of your spending in order to get on the road to financial stability as soon as possible. I hope this post has been useful. You choose the programs yourself.

If you want more personalized and hands-on financial help, contact Najma. Najma is available to answer any questions you may have.

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